Jose "Pep" Gomez

José “Pep” Gómez was born in El Paso, Texas in 1975. He first became interested in metal working 32 years ago when he observed an artist casting aluminum at a street festival in El Paso. After that he began gravitating towards general metal working, including blacksmithing, fabrication, welding, and metal sculpture. After having his art shown in numerous gallery openings over several years in El Paso, Pep migrated to Las Cruces, New Mexico in 1997 in order to obtain a degree in Welding Technology from Doña Ana Community College. While a student there, he won two state welding championships and back-to-back silver medals in the Skills USA national welding competition. Following graduation, he worked 4 years for Lockheed-Martin as Senior Field Technician, and has since spent 13 years as an instructor and now Tenured Associate Professor of Welding Technology at the Doña Ana Community College. Gómez has been a member of the Southwest Artists Blacksmiths, Arizona Artists Blacksmiths, and Borderland Artists Blacksmiths Association for several years. He is an American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector and Certified Welding Educator. He is also the owner and operator of “Lost Arts Forge and Metal Works” where he specializes in the production of pattern welded steel, forging of pattern welded blades, restoring and rebuilding heavy equipment, and welding fabrication and repair of all things metal. His work can be seen on his Instagram account Lostartsforge.

Jose's three day long demonstration will be a complete seminar on pattern welded steel enveloping a 4 hour hands on advanced workshop on mosaic patterns (6 students will go home with 2 billets each)

This 4 hour segment (although limited to 6 pre-registered participants) will be open for viewing to the auditorium as the rest of Jose's demonstration

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